Naughty memories


The Dutch tulips remind me of my childhood. Me and my friends used to pick them from the granny’s garden and play sword fight with them (always been naughty - but no bad intentions!).


 The time of no expectations. All we wanted is to play, have fun and wasted time.  Sometimes I question myself whether it was a waste of time. As these memories are the ones that pop into my head every time I’m lounging after a heavy day, these memories bring up a smile on my face when I’m grumpy. These spontaneous, careless, limitless time wasting are now valuable memories that cheer my soul.


But….  As my memory is not full yet and my “cloud” is limitless. Let’s create some spontaneous, careless and naughty valuable memories with no limits nor taboos. I want to be that memory that pops into your head when you are lounging, I want to be that memory that brings up a smile on your face and make you feel warm, I want to be that memory that turns you on….



Gizelle Gyiv